Hi.  I am Kyra Kendall.  I am an artist painting in Toronto.  

The work here on this site are all original, one of a kind, paintings.  yes, I know they are inexpensive for one of a kind pieces. But, to me, the joy of my painting going to someone who loves it is the best feeling.  I love knowing that my originals are hanging in first apartments and dorm rooms as well as swish Calabasas mansions.  So, that is why.  They are not prints.  They are the real thing.  

If you are on here and considering buying one, but are concerned it won't look the same or you will be disappointed.  I suggest reading some of my reviews.  


So I hate 'about's' because I really don't like talking about myself too much.  But, you guys ask a lot so I will give you answers here to save you time!

1. Yes, I went to art school. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in visual studies.  I found it a truly formative experience in finding my painting style (and even deciding that I liked painting).  However, a lot of my watercolour skill comes from classes I would take at a community centre when I was 12.  Just playing with the paint and the brushes there got me familiar with how watercolour behaves.   

2. Yes, I have gone through periods where I didn't paint or even hated the idea of painting.  I know the feeling if you are going through that now.  I will give you the advice my dentist gave me (me and my dentist are kinda friends, but it was still weird getting amazing advice while laying in that awful chair with someone's hands in my mouth) and the advice was: just begin.  Just go today and buy the smallest sketchbook you can commit to and start doing a little painting in it every day.  

Its great advice! do it.

3. If you are curious about my supplies I did an insta story highlight where I walk you through my studio.  But honestly none of my supplies matter.  What matters is just using what you have and practicing.  But if you are curious you can see them all.

 this is my face

this is my face.

this is also my face.